Unknown Legacies
Shikai Wars

Shikai Wars:

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Below is a list of the races and a short description of them. Please note that this isn't even close to all of the races you can choose from and the rest can be found in game.


Vampires are the undead of this world. They can be found sleeping in coffins beneath the floors of an abandonded church on the mainland. There are three different types of vampires, Barrier vampires, Fang vampires and Bat vampires.


Lycans have made their home in a large cave located on the beaches of the Hisagi lake. They have powers that allow them to shape shift from wolf to human, among other powers harnessed by the moon.


Spellcasters are the most powerful races to inhabit this world.

Attack:          Rei:  

Time             Water

Seal              Earth

Illusion          Wind

Beast           Nature




Knights are generously employeed by the Queen herself. They are the only ones who are able to remove the mighty sword Excalibur from it's rock and increase their power emensly.


Ailurans live within a cave in the mainlands forests. They are exactly oike Lycans in every way except that they shape-shift into large cats.


Probably the most prominent race in this world, the Shinigami are like the police of the Soul worlds. The only way to access their world is through the shop across the river. There are many different Shinigami, each with their own unique sword and powers.


The Arrancar are the dark side of the dead. To become one, you must first be killed by one of their lower kind. They posess powers somewhat similar to the Shinigami and masks that help to escalate them.


The archers of the world, these humans harnass their spiritual powers to create bows and arrows for their fights. They can be found in a building floating off the shores of the forest.