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Shikai Wars

Shikai Wars:

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Common Questions

  1. What Are The Game Rules

    These rules apply directly to the game.

    1.) Killing: This is a Player Verses Player game. With this being said, you already know that you are allowed to kill each other! There are some restrictions, though. Do not Safe Zone Kill. The main Safe Zone is that which is in front of the hospital. It is marked off by barriers on the road that keep out NPCs. Do not block of entrances to buildings by killing players. Blocking off entrances can be by standing at the spawn site from a given door and killing players, putting up attacks that automatically kill players, or spawning NPCs that kill players.

    2.) Respecting: Respect is something that is earned and given. We expect you to respect other players and we expect you to respect our Enforcers. Do not argue or bully other players. We do not take kindly to internet bullying.

    3.) Flaming: Flaming is considered disrupting game play for others in any way that involves verbally trolling other players, verbally abusing other players, verbally and agressively attacking the game, or anything along those lines in the main world chat.

    4.) Spam: Spam is considered overly using anything in-game. Spamming NPCs, spamming attacks, spamming chat, or anything of the sorts.

    5.) Abuse: If you see something that appears to be an abuse of bugs, moderator powers, or in game abilities, please let someone know. If it it a moderator that is abusing their powers please report this issue directly to Lady Lexi or another higher moderator. 

    6.) Moderator Applications: Sometimes we get a need for more staffing. When this happens we will request that players who are interested put in an application with us. Please do not post links to your application, harass the owner or other moderators, or constantly question us as to whether or not we received it. We will let you know.

    7.) Moderator Training: There is no such thing as Moderator/Owner training in this game. Occasionally we will give out advanced training as a prize for tournaments/quiz games. Do not ask for this type of training, Lexi is the only one who is able to give it.

    8.) Teleporting: We are not a taxi service. Please do not ask moderators to teleport you places. Walk there like everyone else.

    9.) NPC Locations: Most of the NPCs in this game are hidden (Such as Aizen, Shinji, Lycans, Vampires...etc). Please do not ask us to disclose their locations. Half the fun is finding them! All we can do is give you hints as to where they may be (see below).

    10.) Moderators: As with any game, please respect your moderators.

    11.) AFK Training: AFK training is a no-no. We run a point system for AFK trainers, please see below.

    12.) My Sibling Did it!: If you do something wrong we ask that you not blame it on your sibling, cousins or friends. Even if someone really did take over your computer and mess with your account you are responsible for it. You will be punished accordingly for whatever you did.

  2. Where Is Shinji?

    Shinji is hidden in the foot hills surrounding the main town. Make sure you bring something for protection, though! Hollows sometimes wander within the woods looking for lost souls....


  3. Where Is The Shinigami Teacher?

    The Soul Reaper Teacher is located deep inside the Seireitei (the center of the Soul Society). Be careful, though! It's a maze within those walls!

  4. Where Is The Spellcaster Leader?

    The elder of the Spellcasters lives in a small village that is hidden inside a cave. Finding him can be difficult, though! Don't fall into the ocean that lays beneath its location!







  5. Where Is The Vampire Queen?

    The Vampire Queen lives underground beneath an abandon church. Sure, there's a few churches around town, but which one gives you the creeps the most? That will be the one!

  6. Where Is The Lycan/Ailuran Elders?

    Both of these races enjoy their privacy so it only makes sense that the elders would be in hiding too! Look for their caves in various places such as sandy beaches and the forest!

  7. How Do I Get To The Soul Society & Hueco Mundo?

    As normal you get to the Soul Society through Uraharas shop. He is easy to find, his house looks like it always does! He is located across the river from the Hopsital!

    Hueco Mundo is hidden, as normal. The portal is somewhere on the main island!

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  1. How Do I Train?

    Training is very simple in this PvP world. All you have to do is hit the button! When you approach a training dummy (The blue and red objects located in the Hospital and various Race Hideouts) a new option called Train will appear in your Commands tab! Click it to gain a new level! With each new level you gain you will become stronger. Depending on which dummy you choose to use, various stats will change.

  2. So now that I have some levels, how do I become a new race?

    A big part of the game is choosing which race you want to be! This will determin your entire life in this world! Some of the races are fairly easy to become, others not so much.

    • If you wish to become an Arrancar, you must first be killed by a hollow. I recommend not getting over a level fifty before hand if you wish for this because hollows are fairly weak (usually). After this you will want to enter Hueco Mundo and talk to Aizen.
    • If you wish to become a Shinigami simply attend the Soul Academy! You can find this place by entering the Soul Society through the candy shops basement across the river. Refer to the map if you need help!
    • The other races are simple! Look for the Leaders (Some of which can be found on the map)!
    • Spellcasters are a hidden race and can only be accessed by those who want it bad enough to look.
  3. What are Points?

    Skill Points are the Money of this game. Gain skill points and you gain some pretty cool stuff! You can gain points from tournaments, quests, Donating and various things Owners offer up. Some of the items you can buy with these points are:

    • Shikai Name/Call Change
    • Mask Time boost
    • Shikai Change
    • Ressurection Change
    • Doll Change
    • Faster Training
    • Race Reset
    • All Attacks
    • Custom Attack Scroll
    And many more! If you find yourself with some points to spare, visit the Point Redeemer located on the island (Left of the hospital, talk to the Boat NPC).


  4. What are Stars?!

    Stars(*) are what you get when you are caught AFK training. You only get two chances. So, once you get two stars, the third one is the last one. When the third one is added to you, your character gets Wiped (We erase your Stats/Levels) and you are forced to start over.

  5. What are Custom Attack Scrolls?

    These scrolls can be earned in one of the following ways.

    • Every time you donate money to the game, you recieve a Custom Scroll
    • Purchasing one with points at the Point Redeemer
    • Owner-Made events
    These scrolls are epic in all ways possible! You create your OWN attack with your own statistics and graphics. It's definately fun to have!
  6. Donating?

    Many people find the idea of donating to the game to be a great way to help the Owners along and get themselves some pretty niffty things! Donating will get you in-game Points that are forever yours. If you use the points up you can earn or donate for more but, when the game pwipes, they will all be returned to your character! This is not something that happens for regular points earned in-game. 

    • With every donation you make you get a Custom Attack Scroll
    • All points you get through donation are forever yours to keep
    • Donating gets your name added to the front page
    • Donating will make you a "subscriber" in the future
    Donating is done by contacting Lady Lexi in-game. You must have paypal in order to do this so she has proof in the future to say you donated.
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