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Shikai Wars: Unknown Legacies is currently ungergoing updates. Lexi is only able to put forth so much money into the development of the game so any help is appreciated! Our amazing coder and our future personal shell server cost more then she has in her wallet! Please show your support and help us out! You can trust that your donations are going towards the game and nothing less! 
Thank you in advance!

What Donating Gives You:

  • $1- 5 points
  • $5- 25 points+custom scroll
  • $10- 50 points+custom scroll
  • $20- 100 points+custom scroll
  • Any donation over $15 will get you a color named included with the points/scroll.
  • A total donation (Over a period of time or at once) of $80 and up will get you a player house, plus the above.
  • And so on and so forth.
  • All points that are recieved upon donating are rollover points. After a Pwipe or a remake you get your points back (unlike normal points earned in-game). Your name will be placed into the front page of the website as well.
2014 Future Updates
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Goal: $100.00 | Raised: $10.00 Started: May 20, 2014
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We will now be accepting donatons for up and coming updates! We have an amazing coder these days! All donations go to the game and the game only and we appreciate every ounce of help!

Completed Campaigns
  1. 2014 Updates