Unknown Legacies
Shikai Wars

Shikai Wars:

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Shikai Wars: Unknown Legacies is a Player v/ Player world in a medieval setting. The game has aspects of the Bleach anime along with other races and quests that you will not find on your generic "Bleach Fan Game". From Soul Reapers to Vampires and Knights, you are bound to find a race you really want. The training is simple and the quests are fun. There's something for everyone!

  • Do you want to be the leader of your kind? 
  • Do you want to be the strongest of your race?
  • Do you want to be the strongest in the world?
  • Are you in search of a fun environment where you can make friends and kill them too?

This is the game for you!

Don't Believe Us? Ask Our Players!

D-Trix Hirako: This game has many outstanding characteristics about it. The number of races is just outrageously high. Whenever a GM is on the game turns into something similar to a cyber party and everyone is doing something. The PvP style in this game makes all its players want to train and become number 1. But all in all this game is one of the best bleach games i have and ever will play and i would like to say thank you Lexi for what you have done :3

Elikitsou: I find this game to be fun and enjoyable because it is filled with several different races that I haven't seen on other games. The training system is fair, and has a points system that allows players to do quest or win tournaments to buy special things such as boost or race reset. It has original looking icons and amazing mapping different from any other game I've seen. :D

Scene: I love this game as it is now but they're getting all sorts of new things in! The icons are awesome now and the map is extraordinary! I wouldn't stop playing this game for the world!